Series Highlights

Active LA system, powerful Class D & DSP

LOOP is a versatile self-powered system endowed with high quality components including a very powerful Class D amplifier coupled to a fully programmable DSP.

The amplifier is assembled in a rugged 18” bass reflex enclosure that features a 4” voice coil European loudspeaker delivering 1400W (Program power) of clean, undistorted low frequency reproduction at very high sound pressure levels and able to withstand high power levels without damage. Combined to the subwoofer there are two array elements, both passive and driven by the Class D amplifier set on the subwoofer. Each LOOP10 compromises a 10” (3” voice coil) European loudspeaker that combines excellent linearity with high efficiency and high power handling capabilities and a 1.4” (75mm voice coil) compression driver coupled to a true wave guide horn with phase correction that ensures consistent and long range projection with very low distortion levels.

Prepared for ground stacking & flying

High performance with tight, rock-solid low end and smooth, detailed highs and a well-defined midrange.

According to different environments and music styles there is a programmable DSP for real time operation and parameters such as gain, PEQ, delay, mute, output limiter, noise gate can be individually adjusted through a user friendly software that allows the storage of many presets as desired and 5 presets can be loaded and then selected at any time on the rear panel. The input is XLR/jack combo connector and the output is an XLR connector that permits parallel operation of active speakers. The Class D amp is prepared for universal mains 85-264Vac and features various electronic protections as over current and short circuit protection, thermal protection, DC output protection and HF protection (amplifier) to guarantee the use of the speaker system in perfect sound and safe operation. There is a rigging metal frame to hang the system that can also be used as ground stacking frame to increase versatility.

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