Series Highlights

Class D amplifier, 6 channels

Powerful amplifier designed to meet the specialized needs of sound contractors and rental companies offering high dynamic range.

The D8K has two dedicated high power channels (2500W each) and four mid power channels (800W each) turning this asymmetrical power distribution into the perfect match for the power requirements of typical multi-way loudspeakers system. Coupled to the class D modules this D8K offers a touch screen DSP that can be either adjusted by software (USB port) or directly through the front panel. This fully programmable DSP allows adjusting parameters such as crossover and parametric EQ filters, limiting, gain and alignment delay eliminating the need for aditional outboard loudspeaker processors.

Touch screen DSP, 96kHz

3p XLR signal link to connect another amplifier or 3p XLR sub output signal to connect active subs can be found on the rear panel.

The amplifier protection scheme is one of the most comprehensive in the pro audio industry and all relevant protection features such as over current and short circuit protection, thermal protection, DC output protection and HF protection have been implemented individually for the SMPS as well as for each amplifier channel ensuring high reliability and to guarantee the use of the speaker system in perfect sound and safe operation. The power supply technology integrated in the amplifier provides universal mains operation for 120 V and 230 V with PFC, eliminating the need for market specific self-powered loudspeakers and related reliability issues. The power supply is regulated delivering consistent power world-wide and the enclosure is cooled by variable speed fans with side-to-back airflow.

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