Series Highlights

Professional flyable subwoofers

Specific range of flyable subwoofers developed to work with the LARRAY speakers

The BASS-F is a very specific range of professional and compact, passive and active flyable subwoofers developed to work with the LARRAY series speakers. All 5 models compromise a rugged and compact Bass reflex subwoofer made from 18mm birch plywood housing an 18” high performance EU transducer, 4in voice coil, capable of delivering 1200W AES (4800W peak), designed to ensure maximum strength, smooth response and symmetric large signal behavior across the whole working range.

Activer versions for all models

Class D, single channel amplifiers with built-in DSP

These flyable subwoofers are available in both passive and active versions, having the actives a powerful class D amplifier that delivers 3200W / 8Ohm connected to a fully programmable DSP (48kHz) with 4 selectable presets on the rear panel. The input is a XLR/jack combo connector and the output a XLR/m 3p connector that permits parallel operation of active speakers. The amplifier is prepared for universal mains 85-264Vac, SMPS with PFC featuring various electronic protections to guarantee the use of the speaker system in perfect sound and safe operation.

This BASS-F series achieves extremely high performance with tight, rock-solid low end having sufficient power reserves for larger events or applications with high power requirements, rendering impulses with great accuracy in a very compact and robust enclosure.