Series Highlights

PA column speakers

PA speakers designed to offer a cost-effective solution.

The series compromises 4 column speaker models, C104/C204/C404/C604 all of them featuring 4" FR transducers with dome tweeter (rubber surround) for extended range response.

Connection is made of a 4-pin Euroblock speaker terminal, in/out.

An integrated 100V line transformer (no power taps) can be found allowing multiple speakers to be connected together without danger of overloading the power amplifier due to impedance drop.

Extruded AL profile

Solid and elegant aluminum construction.

All models are supplied with two ā€˜ā€™Lā€™ā€™ wall mount supports/brackets to ease installation and the range is available in 2 colors from factory: black and white.

Other finishing colors can be supplied upon request.

This range of speakers is the perfect solution for all kind of public address installations, designed to offer a cost-effective but professional solution, suited for installations such as conference rooms, congress centers, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.