Series Highlights

Super-efficient class D amplifiers

Powerful, affordable, rugged and reliable solutions

Super-efficient class D technology amplifiers developed to deliver high output power and proven reliability for touring and portable applications. The DLINE series amplifiers are designed to meet the specialized needs of sound contractors. Four models have been developed to deliver high output power, wide dynamic range, low distortion, high efficiency and ease of use for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications.

The DLINE series amplifiers are powerful, affordable, rugged and reliable, a superior solution to any portable or permanent installation.

High efficiency and universal SMPS

Two (2) channels and Four (4) channels versions

There are two models of 2 channels plus 2 models of 4 channels all prepared to work @2ohm with front panel LEDs to monitor power, signal and clipping at a glance and parallel XLR/M and XLR/F connectors for simple loop-through connectivity.

The series applies classical PWM circuit design and new technology protection circuit, high stability and usability, high efficiency SMPS and big current storage, intelligent limiter, multi-protection functions built for demanding environments packed in a Rack 19” – 1U lightweight enclosure