Series Highlights

2-way bass reflex design enclosure

The DUAL series is the perfect professional solution for a wide range of applications such as bars, clubs and DJs.

The DUAL series is a complete range of Full range speakers for use in PA systems or as an on-stage monitor including 10”, 12" and 15" two-way models, with passive and active versions available. Low frequency European transducers are capable of deliver excellent dynamic range, flat frequency response and a very low distortion figure which combined with 1" (1.73in VC) HF European driver coupled to a user-rotatable CD horn (for vertical and horizontal operation) 90°x60° result in a superb sound quality and precise coverage at the highest SPLs.


Built with rugged and durable 15mm birch plywood with custom powder coated perforated metal grille with powder coated finishing.

In the active versions, each self-contained powered system features Class D amplifiers (up to 1400W) coupled to a fully programmable DSP (software controlled) with 4 adjustable and selectable presets on the rear panel for real time operation from USB port: configuration can be adjusted and parameters such as gain, PEQ, mute, output limiter, delay and noisegate are available.

A SM7DT pole mount flange on the bottom allows a 0° and 5° horizontal tilt for loudspeaker cabinets on speaker stands in a way that the dispersion of the high frequencies can be controlled and adjusted according to the location and application. Fully prepared for both portable and installed applications this range of active speakers offers exceptional performance making it the perfect professional solution for clubs, bands and DJs and anywhere there is a need for dependable high performance loudspeakers.