Series Highlights

Extremely compact, accurate and good looking

The Installation series speakers is the right choice to anyone that wants to install loudspeakers into a wall or into a ceiling

All models incorporates high quality EU transducers combined with an extremely high sensitivity and lower distortion Kapton 1" driver for outstanding detail and clarity in high frequencies without harshness. All speakers feature an internal passive crossover designed to deliver neutral and natural sound and a line transformer can be installed (optional), offering Euroblock speaker terminals (+ 2x NL4 parallel-connected just for the I8) for an easy and flexible installation regardless the surroundings.

Just the I205 has an active version that features a 2-ch Class-D amplifier from POWERSOFT and a DSP for real time operation according to different environments and music styles. With 4 user-selectable factory presets, the class D amplifier is prepared for 85-264Vac global mains voltage (SMPS with PFC) and features various electronic protections to guarantee the use of the speaker system in perfect sound and safe operation.

Additionally there is another model, the iK4 consisting in an AL profile enclosure that features a single 4" FR transducer with dome tweeter that can be used as a vertical array of up to 4 units.

These 2-way speakers can also be complemented with a number of MOOSE subwoofer systems, especially the ISUB series.

Prepared for wall mount and ceilling installation

Available in black, white or any other finishing colour

Only the i8 features pole-mount socket which can be easily pole mounted wherever you need extra monitor or fill sound. All models are prepared to be wall mounted having two types of mounting brackets available, one for vertical (portable) and another for horizontal installation (permanent) depending on the application and location.

The "i" series range is available matched to any RAL colour suited for a variety of venues including restaurants, bars, clubs, retail shops, exhibition centers, fitness centers, conference rooms ensuring maximum speech intelligibility, precise band coverage and ease of installation thanks to the flexible mounting hardware solutions, wall and ā€œUā€ brackets.