Series Highlights

Modular point source

The MPS series is a speaker range of high efficiency, ultra-compact 2-way arrayable point source enclosures designed as to combine the versatility of a point source with the perfect “arraylability” of a line array.

As a true modular system the MPS series has to offer a flexible and scalable sound reinforcement solution to achieve repeatable, superior results in small to medium size applications and venues.

The MPS12 consists of a trapezoidal enclosure housing a high excursion 12" reflex-loaded low frequency woofer that combines excellent linearity, good efficiency and high power handling. The HF section consists of one large format 1.4″neodymium compression driver that allows for a relatively low crossover frequency meaning additional control over a wider frequency area. The HF driver is mounted on a rotatable constant coverage composite horn which provides a 90° horizontal by 60° vertical dispersion pattern to obtain a smooth frequency response maintaining constant coverage and directivity pattern, and avoiding the midrange narrowing effect as well as high frequency beaming problems. The result is a perfectly balanced combination delivering a natural sounding and large dynamic range.

Up to 4 element Clusters

As a Modular Point Source, the MPS12/15 can be installed as a single element or as part of an array of up to four elements.

Unlike modular line arrays, the cabinets are designed to connect directly to one another, with +5°/-5° splay angle between cabinets and a highly flexible and simple rigging system.

A comprehensive set of accessories is available for creating horizontal or vertical arrays: flying bar for horizontal configuration, flying bar for vertical configuration, coupling bar to be used to fly the MPS12/15 in an horizontal array, suspension bar to install a cluster of up to 4 units using a single suspension point.

In sum, the MPS is a compact high performance system, the perfect choice for applications that need: higher acoustic levels (SPL), more headroom, wide covered area (but don't need to throw a long distance), more dispersion options becoming a nice compromise between the flexibility of a modular line array but with far simpler rigging and electronic optimization.

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