Series Highlights

PA column speakers

Ideal solution for short or medium range environments

All three models incorporate a vertical array of 2” FR transducers (0.75in VC) with Neodymium magnet and rubber surround that assure linearity and consistent power handling. The cone is made of weather proof treated paper.

There is built-in internal passive crossover (low impedance) designed to deliver neutral and natural sound and a 100V line transformer (high impedance) that can be easily selected on the rear panel through a switch.

The input is made of a 4-pin (in/out) Phoenix Euroblock speaker terminal parallel-connected for an easy and flexible installation regardless the surroundings.

Ultra slim, elegant AL profile

Slim and unobtrusive, solid and elegant construction

This range can matched with the IB8/IB12/IB15 subwoofers acting like a supplement in PA installations to complete the existing sound with a deep and extended low frequency response.

All models are supplied with "L" wall mount supports/brackets, additionaly there is a 2-axis adjustable wall bracket (WSI23) for the 2" speakers.

Especially designed to give top quality reproduction of both, speech and music, this range of speakers is the perfect solution for all kind of public address installations such as conference rooms, churches, railway stations, supermarkets, shopping centers, etc. The (WX) is a special version, prepared for outdoor use.