Series Highlights

Professional coaxial stage monitors

The SOUL stage monitor series delivers a complete sound reinforcement solution to fulfil the highest demands of audio professionals for both fixed installation and rental production markets

The SOUL coaxial monitors are available in 12” and 15” formats equipped with European transducers having the LF element of 4in voice coil combined with the HF 2.8in voice coil matching the curvilinear profile LF cone that provides smooth response within its intended frequency range and the integrated HF compression driver that has been designed to give smooth coherent wave front in the horn entrance in all working frequency range for a surprising performance. Both CX12 and CX15 have their own active version also featuring EU components including a Class D amplifier coupled to a fully programmable DSP.

Passive and active versions available

The perfect solution for sound reinforcement applications such as front of house, floor monitor and distributed systems.

The Class D amp is prepared for universal mains 85-264Vac and features various electronic protections as over current and short circuit protection, thermal protection, DC output protection and HF protection (amplifier) to guarantee the use of the speaker system in perfect sound and safe operation. To make it portable and flexible, there is a pole mount in one side and for the passive versions a speakon connector attached to link another monitor.